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The Tsavorites


Tsavorite belongs to the garnet family. This is a nesosilicate  of the family of garnets  calcium aluminous rich in vanadium and chromium. Its name comes from parc Tsavo au Kenya.

Tsavorite is used in jewelry for its green color. The color of Tsavorite is always green.

It is caused by the presence of chromium and/or vanadium impurities in sufficient numbers to give a clean or saturated green.  

It is a rare stone, more so as its weight increases. Son refractive index  is high and its color is one of those sought. Under ultraviolet light, Tsavorite has the property of appearing orange, because of the manganese it contains.

It is found in des contact metamorphic rocks, in des pegmatites, in des igneous rocks, and in des alluvial.

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The deposits


There are very few worthwhile Tsavorite deposits in the world. One of the main ones is the one located in the Taita-Taveta region in Kenya (Tsavo Park) but also those of Lelatema, Ruangwa and Tunduru in Tanzania and finally those of Gogogogo and Behara in Madagascar.


Tsavorite is very hard, therefore resistant to scratches and shocks, it is insensitive to acids and heat.

You can wear it without fear every day.

The main reasons for its success are as follows: it is very hard and relativelyemerald, it contains few inclusions and its price is lower than it at equivalent weight and colors. Son refractive index  is high and its color is highly sought after.

A little history

The emerald has been considered for several decades as one of the most precious stones in the world.  However, for the past fifty years, the Tsavorite garnet has come to seriously compete with the emerald traditional. 

Discovered in East Africa in 1967, Tsavorite Garnet is named after the Tsavo National Park in Kenya where it was discovered.  Gemologists often refer to this stone as ' 'new' compared to the emerald which was discovered in the 16th century. A few hundred years therefore separate the appearance of these two sublime green stones!

Tsavorite garnet can be found in many Tiffany creations, of which it is   one of the emblematic stones or even on the “Acte V” bracelet signed Louis Vuitton.

The Tsavorite is the guarantee of a unique, rare and original gift. Tsavorite Garnet is a green stone that attracts luck and prosperity,


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