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Our designer jewelers make the prototypes. This step is one of the most important, it is the moment when the shape of the jewel takes shape physically. The prototypes thus shaped and sculpted in wax will go to the foundry.



The prototypes designed in wax are melted by the process of "Lost wax casting", our art founders will cast the molten metal, it will replace the wax model. Precious metal jewelry is thus obtained.

About Our Leather


The Jewelers will give the jewel its final appearance, after having worked it, cut to size for the rings, setting in stone, they will treat the metal to sublimate it. The setters will set the stones for the jeweled models, as for the polishers they will make the jewels shiny by the process of polishing by friction.

Making a ring by a jeweler.
Setting diamonds by a setter.
Polissage de nos bijoux à la main.


All "Denis Skrok" brand jewelry is guaranteed and hallmarked.

We affix our master's mark DS and then the French Customs service after appraisal of the jewelry affixes their guarantee mark, a pledge of quality and confidence for our customers.

Hallmark of the eagle's head for 18K-750/1000 gold coins due in France.

For the sake of protecting our customers from counterfeiting, all creations of the "Denis Skrok" brand are registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)

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